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Roy Alfred Jr.

Music & Sound are his Passion

Roy was the son of a songwriter and a professional Dancer. He grew up in recording studios and on the sets of many TV shows so it's no wonder he made a carreer in entertainment. He started playing music at age 6 and Plays 5 instruments. At the age of 12 he wrote his first song and at the age of 17 got an after school job as a sound mixer / recording engineer. He spent many years writing and producing music so when he went into film it was on the music and sound side of post production. He's worked for many top Hollywood companys - SOUNDELUX, Record Plant Scoring, EFX and Pacific ocean post. He has done sound design/ editing and foley, dubbing mixer, scoring mixer and just about everything on the production side of sound for film as well. He has done scoring composition for many projects and wrote all the original music and score for "Rock Band" which was released in August of 2022.

Recent: Music and or sound for feature films and shorts:

Body Keepers

15 Killings

Oh Halen


Star Trooper


Performed & orchestrated a children's album for Imagica  


Roy Has decades of experience and brings his best game to whatever he is working on. His skill set is vast and he has an understanding of music and film from every level. This makes him a great team member because he understands the needs of the other members and his superiors..



Escape - Roy Alfred Jr.
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mixing on Technicolor stage 5


Richard Hocks & Weston Thompson

Technicolor Sound Bangkok

Mark Napier / Westlake Audio

Eric Ragan / R.E.D, 

Lee Scott / Formosa Group

John Rhys Eddins / Producer

Fantastic Negrito / 3X Grammy Winner

Andrew Lazar / Oscar nominated film producer. / Warner Bros.

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1992 mixing at Larrabee
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