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Resume: Songwriter / Film Composer

Roy Alfred Jr.   323-515-4153

Composer, Song Writer, Producer, Mixer


Recently I have written songs and composed music for multiple films. “Body Keepers” a teen horror film. “15 Killings” a thriller. "Flow" a drama. "Oh Halen" a comedy. "Aurora" a super natural thriller. I wrote produced and mixed all the original music and songs for “Rock Band” a music driven comedy film. There are songs from multiple genre in the film including Hip Hop / Rap. and Rock. I am composing all the original music for Imagica a childrens channel. They have just released an album of 22 nursery rhymes that I performed and orchestrated with featured singer Jordan Elisondo.

I am a third generation song writer. My father had over 500 records with major artists like, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Adell.

He taught me piano at age 5 and started to teach me Song Writing at 12. The number one thing he taught me was to never settle for second best. A pro songwriter / composer works and re-works music, always looking for more magical melodic hooks and lyrical Phrases.
Never say something in an ordinary way when you can say it in a spectacular way. Always look for a new way to say and old thing, and write pictures. I try to embody these rules taught to me so long ago.

​I have decades of experience writing and co-writing. Thousands of hours in the studio producing and mixing records. I live and breath music. I love writing all genre old and new. My music collaborator “Fantastic Negrito” and I won a Grammy in 2020
. He has won 3 Grammy awards.
We worked on R&B, Blues and Soul, Rock, Alternative, and Hip hop together for over a two decades.

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented people through the years including... Micheal Jackson, Prince, Baby Face, Aerosmith, Tom Petty,, Elton John, Ozzy, Yes, Janet Jackson, Chicago, and many others.

​My Motto:
A great song is always a great song and lives forever… No matter what genre it is produced and arranged in. If it's great it can be sung A Capella.

A great musical score will haunt you and always bring the story back to your heart.

-Roy Alfred Jr.

Feel free to Google my name. I have music on this website/ Soundcloud/ iTunes and more.

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