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Song Writing &


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Orchestral Film Scoring

Songs for Pop Radio, Film and TV

Songs are already available and new ones coming all the time.

Roy excels at assignment writing for artists and soundtracks.

Hip Hop
Pop / Country
Soundtrack / Pop

Originally Written for an Animated Movie

Now Available exclusive / non-exclusive

Soundtrack / Rock / Comedy

Originally Written for a deleted scene.

Now Available exclusive / non-exclusive

Kids / Soundtrack song Demo

New work for family and children's programming. Available for license.

Musical Score


The right music is critical to a film, a TV show or a video game. Most INDI films fall short in this area. Get the magical score that brings your project to life. Start with temporary cues to find what you like and work up to a full final score you love.

License Music for TV & Film


Music already recorded and songs already written available from Roy Alfred Jr. and a host of talented associated artists.

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